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Luxury Turkish Hand Hammam Towel

By Lesouque Collection | Istanbul, Turkey


A smaller version of our Luxury Turkish Bath Hammam or Fouta Towel. Leave out for guests or indulge in them for yourself. Traditionally used in Turkish baths, they are perfect for adding a bit of worldly elegance to your bathroom and great alternatives to standard terry cloth towels. Bonus, they are lightweight, quick-drying and super absorbent and take up very little space in your bag or luggage.

  • Made in Buldan, Turkey
  • 60% Modal, 40% Turkish luxury cotton
  • Fringed edges
  • 35”l x 20”w
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Why We Lesouque

The Lesouque Collection highlights some of our favorite designs while supporting artisans around the world and making a meaningful contribution to the cause of girls' education.

About the designer
Lesouque Collection

Lesouque Collection

Istanbul, Turkey

The Lesouque Collection is the result of partnering with talented artisans and designers around the world to create exclusive pieces that have been tirelessly hand-selected. We value not only the finished product, but also the story behind it.

This season, we've collaborated with artisans in Turkey to create an exclusive Lesouque collection of Ikat pillows and Turkish fouta hammam towels also called peshtamels. 

Our vision is to bring these unique finds to someone like you - someone who embodies a chic style, admires creativity and craftsmanship, and enjoys discovery. Learn more about us