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Break Up with Black Friday

On Black Friday, more is more. We save our hard-earned salaries to buy more of things we often don't need. We satisfy the urge to get a good deal, taking advantage of lower prices. We leave stores with more than we can carry, having spent much more than we had planned. As a testament to this, last year consumers spent $52 billion on Black Friday alone, making the biggest shopping day of the year

But what does all of this “more” get us?

Lower prices means that somewhere along the supply chain, something has to give – quality, working conditions, fair wages and the environment pay the price.

Be a Conscious Consumer. Break up with Black Friday. Here is how.

1. This Black Friday, don't spend money on anything you don't need.

2. Share a fact from the list below with your family & friends to help raise awareness.

3. Show us that you're onboard by using #BlackFridayBreakUp.

These 7 facts might surprise you

We hope that by taking a day off from the hustle and bustle of holiday consumerism, you’ll be able to make small, conscious changes that help in a big way.

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Our philosophy is less is more. We think you should only buy things you will use time and time again. That’s why we sell timeless, quality pieces that support independent designers who abide by fair trade practices.

It boils down to this - if you’re going to buy something (from us, or anyone) make sure you love it, that you will use it over and over again, and that it’s a quality product that’s built to last.

Still Can’t Shake the Urge to Spend Money?

If you need to shop during your “stuff-fast”, we have a plan. Donate the money you would normally spend on stuff you don’t need to The Malala Fund (or your nonprofit of choice) and help empower women by supporting the education of girls. Learn more about why we support the Malala Fund.

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