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Katherine Huie

Katherine Huie

Vancouver, BC

A lifelong jewelry lover, Katherine Huie always found a way to create the jewelry she loved. Even as she bounced from jobs working in bars and retail shops after graduating with a BA in fashion design in Toronto, she continued to work on her craft in her spare time. “I was trying to do that as my only job,” says Katherine.

After moving to Austin, something still wasn’t clicking and she was always searching for something else. It turned out that what was she was searching for was the creative aspect of her life that she cut out so many years ago - her love of ceramics.

After spending a summer living and working in Brooklyn, she was inspired to move there and left Toronto for Williamsburg in 2009.

“I launched Foe and Dear there, in my tiny, sweaty apartment,” she says.

Foe and Dear started slow and steady. Katherine spent countless hours developing the brand, researching details, and figuring out the look and feel. All of her hard work has paid off. Now based in beautiful, Vancouver, BC, Foe and Dear features a collection of delicate, handcrafted pieces. Katherine experiments with unique and exotic materials, ranging from 14-karat gold to precious stones.

“Foe and Dear is a blend of mystery and romance, reminiscent of stories both whimsical, and dark.” As far as what’s next? Katherine lives by this mantra: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Designed By Katherine Huie