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Turks & Caicos Statement Necklace

By Alexandra Redmond | Sydney, Australia


“I love hearing when people say wearing one of my pieces makes them feel truly special,” says Alexandra. We couldn’t agree more. Her pieces are so stunning and unique, you really won’t find anything like them anywhere else! This statement necklace is hand beaded with a variety of natural materials and gemstones.

  • Handmade in Sydney, Australia
  • Natural, dyed coconut shell beads
  • Copper Hematite beads
  • Gold metal components

Why We Alexandra

“Alexandra’s style is so unique. We've really never seen anything like her fabulous necklaces which bring contrasting colors and materials together and are a major element of your outfit.”

About the designer
Alexandra Redmond

Alexandra Redmond

Sydney, Australia

Alexandra began creating jewelry as gifts for her family and friends, with no intention of making it a career. It wasn’t until she started studying interior design that she began to appreciate her hobby and realize its potential. Soon the images her family and friends were posting to social media took off and her social fanbase began to grow.

In 2012, she decided to dedicate her full attention to designing handcrafted jewels that are both original and striking. Overall, she’s inspired by one major aspect: color. Alexandra combines contrasting bold colours with softer pastels and neutrals. Her statement necklaces are made from a multitude of materials including coconut, glass, howlite turquoise, gemstone and wooden beads. The contrasting materials come together to create stunning multi strand necklaces, designed to be the major element of an outfit; to stand out from basic ensembles or contrast against bright colors.