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Tricolor Layering Necklace

By Eszter Rabin | Arusha, Tanzania


This delicate necklace is inspired by the simple jewelry worn by the young girls in Tanzania. It’s made for layering but also adds a simple pop of color if worn on its own. Read our interview with Eszter to learn about her design inspirations and creative process.

  • Handmade in Tanzania
  • Made from tiny glass beads 
  • Clasps made from recycled aluminum
  • Boning for the necklace made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Tricolored beading
  • Measures: 17" long

Why We Eszter

"There is so much heart in Eszter's products, each piece has its own story and one can't help but feel good wearing her jewelry."

About the designer
Eszter Rabin

Eszter Rabin

Arusha, Tanzania

Eszter Rabin is a graphic designer by trade who spent nearly 15 years in advertising before launching her own artisan business. In 2009, Eszter met Emanuel Melubo Laizer. Emanuel is a Maasai Warrior from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Northern Tanzania and is deeply committed to preserving his cultural traditions. The sharing of ideas and many visits to Maasai communities eventually lead to the creation of Sidai Designs in 2011, with a small workshop in the city of Arusha.

So what does sidai mean? “Good or beautiful in the Maasai tribal language, Maa” says Eszter. In 2012, Eszter met Julie Benaim and Becky Moore in Swaziland where they were working for projects that socially and economically empower women and their communities. After several cups of coffee, hundreds of emails and a trip to Tanzania, in 2013 they decided to join forces to further grow Sidai Designs.

Read our interview with Eszter.