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Double-Dipped Trinket Tray - Elephant

By Asya Palatova | Pawtucket, Rhode Island


Perfect for holding everything from spare change on the counter to your eyeglasses on the bedside table. This rectangular small tray is made from slip-cast porcelain with glazed on the inside first with aqua, then with gray. The outside of the tray is sanded and smooth. The illustration of the two tiny elephants is permanent and food safe.

  • Handmade in Pawtucket
  • Measures 3.5” W x 6” H
  • Slipcast porcelain
  • Food and dishwasher safe
  • Microwave is not recommended
Please note: the shapes will vary slightly due to the the handmade process

Why We Asya

“We met Aysa at New York Now. Despite the trade show craziness, she kept her calm, answering all of our questions with grace. We can't get enough of her vibrant use of color!"

About the designer
Asya Palatova

Asya Palatova

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Asya started her studio, Gleena Studios, in 2005 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The organic shapes, soft, sugary colors and imagery are all inspired by her childhood summers spent at her grandma’s country house outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. “Surrounded by carefully tended gardens and apple trees, the country house was a gathering place for family and friends,” she says. And, evocative of those leisurely days, her work is meant to be used on a daily basis.

"To begin the process, we mix a batch of porcelain slip (liquid clay). This slip is my own formula which I have tinkered with over the years,” says Asya. It is a high fire porcelain, which means that pieces are extremely durable while remaining thin and light. All of her pieces are porcelain and are hand poured and crafted in small batches. To ensure a food-safe product she uses non-toxic minerals. And because she finish each edge by hand, every piece develops a unique personality as it moves through the firings. Bowls that come out of the same mold will shift slightly in the high fire to create unique, one of a kind shapes.