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Bright Spot Cuff Pink

By Irene Wood | Brooklyn, NY


Nothing says happiness like neon so slip on one of these darlings for an instant burst of joy. Ok, so maybe you won’t burst with joy by just wearing one but you’ll definitely be feeling chic.

  • Handmade in Brooklyn
  • Features jade, white turquoise, enamel faux rhinestones, cream wood beads and crescent shaped brass tubes
  • Approximately 7” long, runs small

Why We Irene

"Irene's pieces make you want to wear a really simple outfit, just so you can showcase her amazing work. She's really mastered the art of the statement piece."

About the designer
Irene Wood

Irene Wood

Brooklyn, NY

Irene grew up surrounded by the heirloom collection of porcelain, textiles, paintings and jewelry from her Chinese grandparents. Her fascination with these objects only grew as her family traveled around the globe. Soon she was crafting her own pieces,from jewelry to pottery and eventually paintings at Whitman College, where she received a B.A. in studio art.

In 2011, Irene launched her own jewelry line, History+Industry. “My pieces are infused with elements of royal costuming,” says Irene, “but they function as protective armor for the day to day.” Hand-built from materials ranging from metals, semi-precious stones and painted wood, each talisman provides an opportunity for its participant to imagine and foster their own personal mythology. Irene has been featured on Fab, Daily Candy, Sunset Magazine, Coolhunting, and Coco+Kelley.