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Why We Aish

“Nupur’s smile is contagious and she really carries that warmth into her work. We actually feel happier draped in one of her scarves.”

About the designer
Aish by Nupur Goenka

Aish by Nupur Goenka

Kolkata, India

Nupur Goenka calls herself an editor rather than a designer. We just call her amazing. Nupur and her team take old jamdani saris with their intricate, sometimes ostentatious patterns and break them down into simpler scarves and sarongs by changing the colors and designs. Jamdani is a 2,000 year-old Indian weaving technique and Nupur works to help elevate the traditional garments usually produced by this technique, making them more appealing to the modern consumer. “I want to make jamdani a part of our daily lives, instead of just a respected craft,” she says.Working with craftsmen from far-flung villages in West Bengal, the biggest challenge for Nupur is modernizing the craft without losing its organic essence.

"Though we're looking for ways to make the process more sustainable and commercially viable, we cannot replace the hand-crafted aspect of jamdani. For example, we plan to introduce prints soon, but using hand-block prints. That's a real luxury today, to have something unique that's made by hand (from her interview with Vogue India, “Labels We Love,” Jan. 13. 2014)."