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Geometric Gemstone Bangle Coral

By Jessica Tata | Austin, TX


 These coral bangles are a must. Delicate enough for stacking, yet striking enough to go solo, each bangle has intricate gemstone detail made out of your choice of Indigo, Coral or Gold. 

  • Handmade in Austin
  • Hand-forged brass bangle
  • 21 inch 14K gold-filled cable chain
  • 2 ¾" inner diameter

Why We Jessica

"Jessica and William are laid-back, friendly, and all-around nice people who make magic when they work together. Their necklaces, earrings and bangles are steeped in pattern and geometry."

About the designer
Jessica Tata

Jessica Tata

Austin, TX

Jessica Tata and William Knopp are a husband and wife team. The birth of their brand, Son of a Sailor Jewelry is inextricably tied to their own relationship - when they first met and began designing together, Son of a Sailor was the organic result. William is a graphic designer by trade, but has made stops along the way in the Navy, the oil fields of West Texas, and pilgrimages around the world. Jessica fancies herself a creative marketing professional with a background in art galleries and museums, photographing the world around her as she goes.

Based in Austin, Texas, both continue to explore space and form through jewelry as just one of their creative outlets. The inspiration for their handmade jewelry and accessories comes from the application of color, pattern, and geometry to materials with a rich history and story. “We like to think we embrace the convergence of innovation, functionality, storytelling, and bright, bold geometry in all of our designs,” says Jessica.